Ass Munchers are an invasive species of Scout that are the natural predators of the Gmodnimal species Ass Crack. They are known for their compelling aroma spawned by their eyelids, that they use to allure pray. 


Ass Munchers are asexual creatures, as they reproduce by slapping themselves. They often do reproductive rituals that include players slapping an ass and then turning around so the other player can slap their ass, this often impregnating both of them. 

They have sharp claws, which are used to tear the flesh of prey for an easy meal. They claws often look similar to knives. They also produce a chemical from their eyelids that releases a smell similar to that of fried chicken, in order to lure pray in for the kill. 

Behavior Edit

They like to run around for fun, and are very mischievous when exposed to the likes of fried chicken. A minority like to have a diet of rocks and dirt, but many others (dubbed assatarians) like to eat the finest of ass, which gave them their name.