A log of containment breaches that have been documented.

Fire-473705 640

Officers dispatched to Site-002

Document #382 █/█/Edit

Site-002 lost all power for 13 seconds. Every door in the facility was opened, unleashing Subject 240TF2-900, and everything in the biological hazard containment rooms. Site was on lock down for two weeks until three S.W.A.T teams entered the facility and recontained subjects. Fourteen officers were killed in the process.


  • Dr. Romano, decapitated by [REDACTED]
  • Dr. [REDACTED]
  • All staff in the biological hazard room (20)
  • Thirteen guards in Sector B, due to radiation sickness.
  • Seventeen G-class test subjects
  • Seventeen researchers in bunkers A and B. Subject #230 had ripped open the hatch of the fallout bunkers and slaughtered the scientists.

Remaining staff survived by hiding, fighting, or staying in fallout bunkers. Contents of Site-002 were moved and site was abandoned due to high levels of rad