The SCP Foundation

A government program similar to Scoot Labs. They have helped us at least seven times and some Foundation personnel have been hired. Considered neutral and an ally. Scoot Labs has gone against the Foundation, but often they haven't noticed or have forgiven us over time.

TF2nimal Hunters UnitedEdit

A large criminal syndicate of poachers that hunt down TF2nimals, mostly endangered ones. Scoot Labs has been raided several times by THU, but all attempts have failed. If a THU base/soldier is spotted by Scoot Lab satellites, Taskforce-THU is to be dispatched.

Considered a threat and will be killed on sight.

The CombineEdit


Clone CoEdit

A company that produced clones for purchase. It collapsed after two clones went rogue and sabotaged the factories.

Recovered Entries Edit

Grantfare Corp.Edit

A similar company created by a "Dr. Alan Grant". It was created only recently, and is researching "every TF2nimal." Considered a competitor/threat. If Grantfare personnel discover Site-002-Site-[REDACTED], Protocol 13 is to be taken into effect. 

TF2nimal Research FacilityEdit

A smaller organization of researchers. Rumors have surfaced of them having Foundation technology. Being investigated. Currently considered neutral.

Gmodnimal Research Division Edit

A research company that studies Gmodnimals. Considered neutral. They have their own website at