Le rules

le rulsEdit

  • Don't vandalize, yadadada
  • No spammin, yada
  • Don't make scips unrelated to TF2 unless it's a spectacular, flawless idea.
  • I recommend you make an account so we can recognise you.
  • This isn't a TF2nimal wiki. Yes, they're on here, but this isn't for that. Yes, you can post TF2nimals, but they must be related to Scoot Labs and must be posted on the original wiki.

Writing GuideEdit

Here's a basic template of a TF2-000 object:

Item #:

Object Class:

Special Containment Procedures:


You can add more stuff.

Item ClassesEdit

  • Tryhard: Extremely dangerous and hard to contain.
  • Mercenary: Harder to contain.
  • Friendly: Easy to contain and often harmless.


  • Don't try to make your article super-scientific or fill it with jargon. Scoot Labs is extremely over it's head, arrogant, ignorant, and sometimes dumb. They often forget to redact something or use proper terms.


  • █▓▒░, forms of redaction. 

Redacted = Information is locked away to those of higher clearance

Expunged = Information was deleted, usually large chunks of it.

Blackbox = Basic censorship of dates and places.

  • Terminated: A rarely used term for basically, "ded, kill, death killed, rip, dead, nada".


If you're going to be an roleplayer, put the description of your profile. If not, do stuff. I guess.

RP Guide/RulesEdit

  • Keep it in the forums. Please.
  • No, this isn't a kawaii desu suguoi senpai thing. Don't do it unless for humorous reasons.
  • No mary sues or strange characters. I don't mind if it's something like an alien character or some guy that can give birth to cookies at will or something, just don't make it some hot guy that is bulletproof and gets all the ladies or something.
  • No erotica.
  • Keep it on topic. No, uh, Minecraft meets Dragon Ball meets Call of Duty meets Overwatch meets your mom meets Obama meets Donald Trump.