Sneaky Spois​ are a species of storage stealthy spies that often 
Weew spy by mangledarobowitswag-d8tu8je

A Sneaky Spoi without its mask.

sneak. When they aren't sneaking, they're stealing poo out of public toilets.


Sneaky Spois are often sneaky. It's very rare to not see them sneak. They sneak because they like to steal sandwiches. Not sandviches, sandwiches. They will often backstab those who oppose their sneaking. They will also hunt down gibus engineers and steal their hats.

They are hunted down by G.E.W.P, but these creatures are protected by Sneaky Spy Protection Wildlife Protection Company. 

During testing, it has become clear that Sneaky Spois have a special muscle in their legs that is strained (thus hurts) when standing, forcing Sneaky Spois to crouch.

They often wear masks to hide their sexy faces.