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A RED spai

are seductive predators that inhabit only trade servers. They often hunt by themselves, and they live in nests.


Spais are often Blu, and it is extremely rare to find a Red Spai. 

Spais spend most of their times buying fancy clothes and buying manly perfumes, body wash, and Gold Bond, and will live in nests that have posters of Donald Trump pasted on every corner.

Spais mate by finding an attractive anime gril and mating with it, thus having the next generation of Spais born. 


Spais will begin looking for a meal after taking a shower with his manly supplements, and will go into crowded areas. If he finds a woman, he will begin using random taunts until she is seduced and will then swallow her whole. If anything is left, they will take it back to the nest and have it as a snack.

Red SpaisEdit

An extremely rare variant of the Spai. They will, instead of eating victims whole, will cook them and dine on them with extreme table manners. They are even more fancier than the Blu Spai and will often have better attitudes. 

Zombie SpaiEdit


Robo SpaiEdit