Specimen 966 are a species of white, skeleton-like hunters. They
Darkskullteeth infrared 1

A healthy male, dubbed "Johnny" by staff

aree visible only at wavelengths ranging from 700 nm to about 900 nm, thus forcing staff to wear VisionCo™ night vision goggles when dealing with Specimen 966 subjects. 
Specimen 996 was originally discovered by the SCP Foundation, but they only possess four specimens and are killing off the rest of the species. Scoot Labs opposes this action, and we are trying to save the species. Several groups of SWAT have been dispatched at common areas of wild Specimen 966 specimens to contain them. 

Three specimens in containment, getting ready to be taken to th heir habitat.

They are currently contained within a large habitat, being fed 60 kg of pastrami a day. We currently have 36 specimens of 966, 34 in habitat while two (male and female) remain in cyro storage. Strangely, specimens of 966 are mostly friendly to Scoot Labs staff. It is unknown if this means that they're sentient.

Discovery ProtocolEdit

If a group of SWAT find specimen(s) of 966, they are to be restrained by two Cloakers. After being injected with [REDACTED], specimens are to be loaded onto a truck and sent to Site-001. 

Birth ProtocolEdit

If a female 966 gives birth, the offspring is to be studied, and taken back to the parents in their habitat.

Taming ProtocolEdit


Addendum 8-23Edit

 A document belonging to the SCP Foundation was found taped to the frozen male specimen. Document added to storage, and security tightened. Habitat moved deeper into the facility in case of Foundation raids.