Subject #240 is a humanoid male Scout discovered in the ruins of Chernobyl. Subject was spotted and reported by tourists while it 
Scout with the Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask TF2
was "harvesting" corpses. Subject proceeded to kill everything in sight until it was subdued by snipers dispatched by Scoot Labs.

Subject claims to be a higher being, an entity from another dimension. It hates human life, and wishes to "cleanse this rock of its disease." 

Subject refuses to show it's face to researchers. Subject threatens to kill staff when questioned, and half of the time does not respond to questions. 

Subject has the power to give subject's radiation sickness, emit radiation, and can easily kill someone with it's claws. Subject is to be stored in Site-002 biological hazard cells. Edit: Subject is to be kept in a locked titanium/australium/vibranium box burried in the [REDACTED] desert while guarded by three snipers with tranquilizer guns. Subject is considered neutralized as it cannot harm titanium nor australium. It is still alive, however, as it does not need to drink or eat and it is presumed to have a longer lifespan than humans.