TF2-297 in containment

Item #
: 297

Object Class: Mercenary

Special Containment Procedures:

TF2-297 is to be kept in a containment cell in the [DATA REDACTED BY ORDER OF PROFESSOR SCOOTS] wing of Site-001. Containment cell walls must be plated with either gold or australium.

Subjects entering TF2-297's chamber for testing should wear gold colored clothing; unless to test if TF2-297's effects are still working.


TF2-297 is a sculpture of the head of a Heavy Weapons Guy with inorganic eyes that appear to be realistic. Testing has proved that eyes are made of glass. 

TF2-297 often makes the subject uncomfortable, or experience "Uncanny Valley". During prolonged exposure to TF2-297, subjects will begin to feel itches on their legs, arms, and face area. If subjects do not break eye contact with TF2-297, they will begin developing branches inside of their abdomen, and long, sharp plant limbs out of their arms, which will grow thorns in under an hour. Subject's heart will be covered by thorns, ribs will start turning into watermelon slices, lungs will become sweet potatoes, and kidneys will become enlarged kidney beans. Soon, the blood of the subject is completely turned into grape juice, and the subject will finally die this excruciating process when a branch start growing on the forehead, which, in an hour, will shoot into the skull and instantly start dripping hydrochloric acid onto the brain.

For unknown reasons, when the subject is surrounded by gold or australium, will negate its effect.

Test logsEdit

  • Test #12: Three gibus engineers were sent into TF2-297's chamber and tasked to move a statue of Stalin in front of TF2-297. Subjects, after placing object, left the chamber and were terminated by three guards wielding AK-47s. Stalin stared into the eyes of TF2-297, for about ten hours, with no feedback. Scientists were to abort the mission when Stalin's marble eyes transformed into that of 297's. [DATA REMOVED]

Notes: Further testing with TF2-297-1 is restricted. Similar tests to Test #12 are strictly prohibited. 


Object was found in an apartment after it was reported that a couple had left the door open and had not left for three weeks. Couple was found dead, decomposing, with purple liquid coming from their brain.

Object was found on the bed the couple were killed in.