Object #: 666

Object Class: Trithulamium

Special Containment Procedures: TF2-666 cannot be contained. 


TF2-666 is 0rockstar0's ass. Dr. Rock's ass is considered too large, plump, and jiggly to be a normal ass. It was discovered when Dr. Scoots met Rock in his office, and he turned around to talk about his map (which marks all CIA bases), when Scoots saw his ass. Scoots commented that it was a fine ass. Later, Scoots hacked into security footage and discovered that Rock ate a person alive with his buttcheeks. Terrified, he watched more, revealing that Rock's ass was huge, smooth, and round. It could kill a person with it's sheer force, weight, and softness. Scoots burned the tapes and made it known to the TF2-000 project scientists that Rock's ass is an anomaly and should be monitored at all time.