Right: TF2-891-1 Left: TF2-891-2

Object Class: 

Containment Procedures: Both specimens of TF2-891 are to be kept in Dr. Meats' office, on his desk. Everyday, they are to be sprinkled with water for nourishment and have cheese graded on them for food. They are not to be eaten under any circumstances. 


TF2-891 are a collection of two sapiant beings: TF2-891-1 and TF2-891-2. TF2-891-1 and 2 are McDonald's brand chicken wraps, 1 having much less meat than 2, while 1 has much more lettuce. TF2-891-1 and TF2-891-2 can speak like humans, and can also their meat inside as a brain, having many basic functions similar to human brains. Through interrogation and research, it has been revealed that their shell is their skin, their ranch dressing is their blood, their meat is their brain, and their lettuce is their pubic hair. However, they seem not to have a penis, thus being restricted to two members of their species. TF2-891-2 claims to be male, while 1 claims to be female. They love to communicate with humans and watch TV. When speaking with humans, they like to talk about their lives before being taken in by Meats. When they were wee ingredients waiting to be put in a paper bag, when they first got wrapped together, and when they first got fried. They seem to remember other foods from McDonald's, such as "Joe the french fry". 


The yummy duo was discovered by Dr. Meats during his lunchbreak. He reported that he reached inside of the bag for his meal when he heard growling and whispering, looking around in his care for intruders. Afterwards, he pulled out some french fries and dipped them in BBQ sauce, listening to some rock music. After two hours of molesting his fries, he reached in his bag for his big mac, his finger getting bitten. He thought this was just the base dropping, so he continued with his meal until he reached inside for the wraps. He closed his eyes and entered 2 in his mouth, before 2 screamed in agony when he bit him. He drove back to the lab and rushed 2 to the hospital, lending 1 to scientists.