Tactical Mobile Squad, also known as TMS, are the meat of the millitary force of Scoot Labs. They replaced SWAT teams on Sunday, October 16, 2016. They are made up of highly trained ex-army or merc soldiers that are trained in the use of firearms, hand to hand combat, and containment of anomalous objects. 


not all symbols may be visible on all devices 

  • λ is the symbol of lambda class teams, which are the lowest security clearance existing. They often work as assault teams to dispatch of enemies and escaped anomalies. 
  • ♏ is the symbol of Assalion class teams, which have level 2 and 3 clearance. They are assigned to containment lower class anomalies. 
  • ψ is the symbol of Psi teams, which have average clearance (levels 5-7). They are tasked with containment of dangerous anomalies and raiding of enemy bases, as well as mass administering [REDACTED] to witnesses. 
  • Ω is the symbol of OMEGA class, the highest clearance team, having levels 1-Omni. They are tasked with containing highly dangerous anomalies, stopping World Ending scenarios, contacting Scoots himself, and having access to a dead man's switch which would activate nuclear warheads and destroy the area in which they are stationed at. Some may even have the chance to become Scoot's royal guard.